Man who spent 110 days in hospital due to COVID-19 shares vital warning

Man who spent 110 days in hospital due to COVID-19 shares vital warning
Man who spent 110 days in hospital due to COVID-19 shares vital warning

Vini Silva describes being back home after nearly four months at Humber River Hospital in Toronto battling COVID-19 like coming back from a long flight or journey.

“You just have to appreciate that you were able to make it through that flight or journey. Every day is a miracle. Every day is a victory,” he told Global News through a Portuguese interpreter.

The 48-year-old carpenter, who now speaks with a raspy and hoarse voice after being on an intubation tube for months to help him breathe, said he would never have imagined he could get so sick from catching the virus.

It was on Nov. 22 when Silva, who had been working as a subcontractor framing houses in Newmarket, Ont., went to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing on his own after testing positive for coronavirus.

“I was in the hospital for two days. After that, I was transferred to the ICU and I was in the ICU for 60 days and I practically don’t remember anything,” he said.

Silva said he suffered cardiac arrest and a stroke and spent the entire two months in a coma.

His wife, Daniele Fernandes, said she also got COVID-19, but had only mild symptoms of losing her sense of smell.

“For 20 days, I could only see him through a glass window. I wasn’t able to go into the room. He was intubated and he was in a coma as well.”

Fernandes said doctors told her that her husband didn’t even have a 50 per cent chance of survival because the virus had attacked both of Silva’s lungs.

The couple said they still don’t know how they caught COVID-19. Silva said no one else he worked with got sick and only went out to the grocery store or for gas, and always wore a mask.

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