Man Wins Lotto Twice In One Week, Report

Man Wins Lotto Twice In One Week, Report
Man Wins Lotto Twice In One Week, Report
Man Wins Lotto Twice In One Week, Report
Man Wins Lotto Twice In One Week, Report

Man wins Lotto twice in one week taking home $2.5 million.

The anonymous man in his 40s won an impressive AU$1 million in a division one Lotto draw on Monday, May 7.

His entry was boosted by multiple divisional wins, snagging division three 30 times and division four a whopping 150 times.

But the man wasn’t satisfied with his winnings. He went back to Bondi Sixway News, the same place he bought his first ticket, and purchased another.

On Saturday, just days after his initial win, the man was one of 14 division one winners to share AU$20 million.

Thanks to more divisional wins, his second lot of prize money was even higher than his first at a cool AU$1.4 million.

After his extremely lucrative week, the lucky player told New South Wales Lotteries he was astonished at his good fortune.

“The chances of winning twice in such a short period of time must be non-existent! I wish I had some advice to others on how to win the lottery but I don’t – God has just looked after me!”

As for how he’ll be spending his new-found riches, the man admitted to buying a new car but plans to be sensible with the rest of his winnings.

“I’m not going to be stupid with it and I still plan to invest it wisely in real estate,” he explained.

“But I guess I’m now more financially secure. I’ll still hope to buy something in Bondi or maybe on the Gold Coast. A holiday to Honolulu goes without saying.”

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