Mega Millions jackpot Tuesday drawing winning numbers are…..

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: Did Anyone Win the $93 Million?
Mega Millions Winning Numbers: Did Anyone Win the $93 Million?

Today’s winning Mega Millions numbers are: 20, 43, 51, 55, 57 and 4 being the Megaplier 2X. The jackpot is $447 million.

Lines stretched along the road outside at the Lotto Store at Primm, on Interstate 15 about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas.

Some estimates put the wait to buy tickets at 90 minutes.

The jackpot grew to an estimated $447 million — an increase of $15 million over yesterday’s estimate — as the 8 p.m. drawing neared.

Can’t make it to Primm today? Well, there’s always tomorrow, when the Powerball drawing could bring another jackpot over $400 million.

The Lotto Store at Primm is one the world’s busiest lottery stores. The has at least 8 self-serve lottery machines and cashiers in operation, according to its website.

The odds of a single lotto ticket hitting is worse than one in 290 million.


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