Mexico Issues A Stern Wall Warning To Trump

Mexico Issues A Stern Wall Warning To Trump
Mexico Issues A Stern Wall Warning To Trump
Mexico Issues A Stern Wall Warning To Trump
Mexico Issues A Stern Wall Warning To Trump

Warning from Mexico to US over wall funding! Mexico’s foreign minister Luis Videgaray has said that his country would respond to any tax levied by the US.

President Trump has used almost every post-election speech to reiterate his promise to build a barrier separating his country from its southern neighbour. Proposals are to be sought next month for the wall’s design.

An executive order on the 25th of January for the wall’s construction also asked government agencies to report on the financial assistance given to Mexico in the past five years.

This led to speculation that Mr Trump may also divert US aid to pay for the wall.

Mr Videgaray recently responded, warning that Mexico could impose levies on select goods aimed at US regions most reliant on exports south of the border, such as Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin.

Free trade & US aid

Speaking during a radio interview, Mr Videgaray said “Without a doubt, we have that possibility and what we cannot do is remain with our arms crossed.

“The Mexican government would have to respond.” he added that levies were “not our preference” and “Mexico believes in free trade.”

Speaking about the prospect of losing US aid, Mexico’s Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said his country now “has its own capabilities”.

Most of US aid to Mexico comes through the Plan Merida programme, which has earmarked $2.6bn for security assistance of which $1.6bn has so far been spent.

Mr Chong said diverting the remainder of the aid would not come close to paying for the wall, which has an estimated price tag of $21.6bn.


President Trump has angered Mexicans even more with a recent call for US businesses not to invest south of the border. Also his recent plan to deport third-country nationals to Mexico sparked further outrage last week.

The plan would see non-Mexican nationals arrested along the border sent back to Mexico while their immigration cases were decided in the US.

Mr Chong told local radio “They asked us if (non-Mexican illegal immigrants) could be here while they are going through the legal process there.”We said that there was…absolutely no way.”

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  1. Perhaps Mexico can legalize some drugs and “knock two birds,with one stone”. Decease the power of the cartels and generate revenue for their economy. Those monies can help her people and provide for their welfare. It would be nice to take a drug holiday as part of our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I mean I wouldn’t mind paying 30-40 dollars for a couple grams of coke, a couple hydrocodones and a bottle of rum for a weekend get a way in larado or Cancun.

  2. What, Mexico will stomp their feet and refuse to sell those 3 foot wide sombreros & little cardboard puppets & other junk, to the USA??!

    They’ve certainly got lots of leverage, huh?!

    There’s going to be a WALL, Mr. Videgaray, so get used to it, and I’d suggest you start building a few more prisons for the vermin law-breakers we’ll be sending back as soon as they’re rounded up & deported.

    But, Mexico will probably just get ’em a few peso’s, a pat on the back and welcome the creeps back ‘home’ so they can sneak back into USA.

    Times, they are a-changin’, though, so be forewarned, Mexico.

  3. Unfortunately the hysterical narcophobes in the US government would probably chit a brick and bully their objections and try to punish Mexico. But Mexico can tell the US to suck an egg and tell the US to mind their own business. Latin America won’t be bullied by an Insane US policy any more. Mexico can do good by instituting a good harm reduction policy and maybe turn the cartels (not all unfortunately) into legitimate business men. Something similar to what the US did to the crime syndicates after alcohol prohibition in the first half of the 20th century.

  4. If illegal immigrants come through Mexico, then they should be sent back to Mexico. As for Mexico paying for the wall, why should we spend them money that can be used to pay for the wall? Mexico is helping people, Mexican and others from South America and beyond, enter our country illegally. They should pay for the wall.

  5. As for our levying taxes on imports from Mexico, the benefits are twofold: (1) we get income which can be applied to border security (wall or other) — or anything we chose and (2) it removes the incentive NAFTA gave U.S. manufacturers to ship our jobs to Mexico — making items WE pay for here in the U.S. It’s high time we ended that insanity.

    As for Mexico “retaliating” by levying taxes on “select goods” that we ship to Mexico, go for it! Much of what we export to Mexico is FOOD. Of course, much of THAT is processed in Mexico an shipped back here to the U.S. (Soon all OREOs will be made in Mexico; many iconic American products already are. Check your snack food packaging.) So, a Mexican tax slapped on American exports to Mexico will further discourage American companies from moving their operations south of the border.

    We could go back and forth over individual things that are either in America’s or Mexico’s best interests with or without the current arrangement. NAFTA proponents like to point out that our exports have increased dramatically under it, BUT IMPORTS HAVE INCREASED EVEN MORE. What does that mean? It means that less is being produced in the same country in which it is consumed — that’s all. The BOTTOM LINE is that Americans consumed $60 BILLION more stuff from Mexico last year than what Mexicans bought from America.

    Think about it: $60 BILLION dollars, in one year alone, flowed out of our economy. That’s enough money to pay for a MILLION workers a $60,000 salary.

    Mexico’s “stern warning” is without teeth. Let’s get on with it.

  6. In referring to the prospect of losing US Aid, Minister Chong is quoted as saying his country now “has its own capabilities.” If that is the case, wall or not, why is the US providing continued aid to a country that has its “own capabilities?”

  7. I lean left, totally voted for Hillary to keep the nukes out of man baby’s hands. That being said, i liked this quote at the end of the article… ”We said that there was…absolutely no way.” which means that Mexico doesn’t want them either!


  9. Finally we got a President that’s not afraid to say what needs to be said and not AFRAID to lead this country(U.S.A.)I want to see him stop wasting tax payers money and help AMERICAN citizens,that’s what would make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN..He is for rallying citizens to respect our POLICE and MILITARY as we should because they PROTECT us and would DIE for us.Mostly every foreign person wants in United States but would they DIE for her?I would!

  10. Mexico’s largest source of income is remittances from the US. Something like $20billion. Without it their economy tanks. We’re their largest trading partner by far. 80% of the trade depends on the US. So let ask you who needs who?

  11. Why is trump harassing Mexico, they have always been good neighbors to the USA? Why make an enemy of a Nation who supplies much of our food? It appears we have a president who does not know anything. Yet he is going on and doing and saying things that are against the best interest of US citizens. It appears, we are stuck with a president who is too dumb to do a study. I think if nothing else the American people see that our Government needs someone with a small amount of education, diplomacy, and commonsense. Any person who owns a home knows that you do not fight with your neighbors.

  12. I think that we should simply say to the illegal immigrants that should we catch them sneaking over the border, we will shoot them. Should they be armed when they cross the border, we will treat it as an armed mini-invasion. Also, we should talk to the Mexican Gov’t and explain that should more than 100 illegal immigrants get caught sneaking over the Mexican border in a 1 year time frame, we will cut off the ridiculous amount of aid we give them and send them a bill for all the money we spend catching and deporting them. After that, we need to cut off the “free” tap. Until you’ve paid into the system for 7-10 years you shouldn’t have access to Food Stamps, welfare, WIC, free medical, free schooling, etc. And the “anchor baby crap is just that…crap! If you have a baby while your here illegally and are being deported, you have 2 choices: Leave your child here in foster care (because he/she IS an American citizen or take him her with you and try to become a legal immigrant of our great country! And finally, the Mexicans SHOULD pay for the wall, as we aren’t building it to keep our people in our country. We’re building it to keep their people out! Oh! And as a shoutout to CNN, illegal immigrants aren’t “Dreamers,” they’re CRIMINALS!!!

  13. Mexico can go to other countries for financial aid,
    Like Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc. The U.S. cannot impose imperialist rules anymore. If the
    US wants to send non Mexicans to Mexico, then Mexico should impose a fee for every non Mexican
    Who is returned south of the border, and charge daily until they’re returned to their countries.

  14. I am going out on a limb here that none of u here are native American Indians so this country was build on immigrants plus own us is in debt to the to tune of 21 trillion so think white and get real your trump will soon piss u of then u will say I didn’t think he would do that to me that’s the problem we stop thinking for ourselves longtime ago no one wants to stand up n be counted in fear of our own government !!!

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