Mystery ‘crocodile-like’ creature washes up on Brit beach (Photo)

Mystery 'crocodile-like' creature washes up on Brit beach
Mystery 'crocodile-like' creature washes up on Brit beach
Mystery 'crocodile-like' creature washes up on Brit beach
Mystery ‘crocodile-like’ creature washes up on Brit beach

Mystery ‘crocodile-like’ creature washes up on Brit beach leaving experts BAFFLED.

The 1.52 metre long carcass found on Rhossili Beach, Swansea, has a long head, giant jawline and slender tail.

Beth Jannetta, 41, who discovered the monster while walking her dogs, sent a photo of the creature to experts, hoping they would identify it.

But boffins are not sure if it is a type of whale, dolphin or porpoise.

Beth said: “It looked like a well-rotted cetacean to me. Other people think it is something different, like a crocodile.

“It would be very interesting to find out what species it is.”

Bioscience expert Dr Dan Forman said: “When you look at it the first time you may think it is a crocodile, but it is certainly not.”

“There is a big bulge on the base of the skull which is characteristic of a cetacean.”

He added: “We get a reasonable amount of whales and dolphins, a lot which are dead and decomposed in places like Pendine and Rhossili.

“From the data around carcasses washed up, there seems to be a cluster this time of year around June and July.”

Mark Hipkin, National Trust area ranger, who was called to collect the body, said he thought it was a porpoise.

He said: “We have porpoises washing up quite regularly, as well as dolphins and seals and sometimes sheep.”

Earlier this year, beachgoers in Georgia, USA came across a Loch Ness monster-like beast washed up on the shore.

The mystery creature was reportedly found on Wolf Island in the state of Georgia by a father and son, who were out on a boat trip.

The creature was reportedly about 1-2m in length and had a long neck and two fins.

Experts were unable to positively identify the animal from the photos and video footage.

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