New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much (Reports)

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much (Reports)
New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much (Reports)
New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much (Reports)
New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much (Reports)

Tim Hortons has unveiled new lids for its coffee cups but it is not going over well with everyone who religiously have their Timmies every day.

Some people on social media have vented their disdain, saying that the lids are leaking — which was an issue raised with the old lid.

This past summer, the fast-food giant said it would be introducing more environmentally-friendly lids — emblazoned with a maple leaf — to include a closeable spout combat the leaking lid problem.

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In fact, Tim Hortons said the new lid was tested by thousands of people who climbed hundreds of stairs and drove plenty of miles with cups in hand to design a cap that will cut down on the leaking.

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What are your thoughts on the new lid? Do you like the old one or the new one? Is the new leaking for you as well? We have so many questions, and hoping you have the answers.

If the lids are leaking for you, what are you doing to stop the leak? Using tape to seal it?

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Tim Hortons issued a statement to CityNews, saying that it received positive feedback throughout various steps of market testing.

“In fact, nine out of 10 Canadians like and prefer the new lid,” the company’s statement reads. “The testing continues and we are listening and welcoming all feedback from guests.”


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