NY Port Authority Head Tests Positive For Coronavirus

NY Port Authority Head Tests Positive For Coronavirus
NY Port Authority Head Tests Positive For Coronavirus

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced Monday that the state’s Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Cuomo didn’t divulge too much information, but he did say Cotton was “working at home” while he’s under quarantine. Because of his job, Cotton was at the region’s airports in recent weeks as many people with the virus returned to the New York area. Cotton’s senior team will also be tested, which means several of them could also wind up being quarantined. In total, New York now has 142 confirmed cases, making it the state with the most confirmed infections in the country.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Rev. Timothy Cole, the rector of Christ Church in Georgetown also tested positive for COVID-19. He reportedly offered communion to and shook hands with more than 500 parishioners last week and on Feb. 24, which prompted the church to cancel Masses for the first time since the 1800s. All worshippers reportedly must self-quarantine.

Cole released a statement Monday and said he’ll remain in quarantine for 14 days but is in “good spirits.”


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