One-of-a-kind skating rink opens near Onanole, Report

One-of-a-kind skating rink opens near Onanole, Report
One-of-a-kind skating rink opens near Onanole, Report

There is a cool new winter attraction near Riding Mountain National Park.

A group of outdoor enthusiasts have carved out a one-of-a-kind skating trail near Onanole, Man. — a maze on ice, of sorts.

Perry Au told 680 CJOB Thursday afternoon that he and some buddies created the rink on a pond just off Octopus Lake.

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Au said the project was started by Sean Frey in November. Frey then reached out to his friends, who were happy to help.

“We thought that skating on trails and paths seemed more interesting than just shoveling out a large rink,” Au said.

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The design of the rink kind of just happened, he said.

“We were just zigging and zagging,” Au said. “There was no clear design in mind. As it turns out, it sort of resembles a bison, lying down.”

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As for why they did it, Au said skating outdoors is all about the “fresh air and the wind in your face — cold wind in your face…”

“It’s the Canadian thing to do.”


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