Petra Laszlo: Camerawoman Who ‘Kicked Migrants’ Charged In Hungary

Petra Laszlo: Camerawoman Who 'Kicked Migrants' Charged In Hungary
Petra Laszlo: Camerawoman Who 'Kicked Migrants' Charged In Hungary

Hungarian camerawoman Petra Laszlo has been charged with a “breach of peace” for kicking and attempting to trip migrants on the Serbian border last year.

Prosecutors said on September 7 that Petra Laszlo was charged with “breach of the peace,” adding that there was no evidence of a racially motivated hate crime.

The trial will be held in the southern city of Szeged.

Laszlo was fired from her job at N1TV after video footage spread online in September 2015 appearing to show her kicking a young girl and a young man and later tried to trip a man carrying a boy.

Laszlo said at the time that she panicked as migrants broke through police lines near her position and she felt under attack.

The camerawoman later told Russian newspaper Izvestia that her life was “ruined” and she was considering moving to Russia.

Bertha R. Massie

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