Private jet prepares for emergency landing

Private jet prepares for emergency landing
Private jet prepares for emergency landing

A small Embraer Phenom 100 business jet registered 9H-FAM belonging to Maltese airline Luxwing landed at Le Bourget airport with the landing gear retracted and eventually caught fire late Monday morning. The three people on board were not injured and taken care of by the emergency services for simple checks.

An impressive scene, but ultimately more fear than harm: a private Phenom 100 business jet had a serious incident while landing at Le Bourget airport on Monday at around 11:00. For some as yet unknown reason, the aircraft touched down on the runway while its gear was still retracted. In a shower of sparks and flames, it skidded for several hundred meters before coming to a stop at the threshold of the runway. A fire broke out but was taken under control in less than a minute by the firefighters already present on site.

An extremely rare accident which did not cause injuries: the three people on board, including the two pilots, were taken care of by the emergency services for simple checks, according to the press service of Aéroports de Paris. Air traffic at Le Bourget was diverted for a few hours.

An investigation by the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis of Civil Aviation (Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses – BEA) is underway to try to understand the reasons for the accident.

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