Radiohead, Paul Thomas Anderson join forces for another music video (Watch)

Radiohead, Paul Thomas Anderson join forces for another music video (Watch)
Radiohead, Paul Thomas Anderson join forces for another music video (Watch)

Radiohead and Paul Thomas Anderson are back at it again. After their music video for “Daydreaming,” which has much more going on beyond the surface than at first blush, they recently released a live video for “Present Tense.” Now they are back with another track from A Moon Shaped Pool and the Inherent Vice director is going from night to day.

It’s lifted from their latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool. The promo features Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood playing alongside a Roland CR-78 drum machine on a bench in Tarzana, California.

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It was directed by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, who was at the helm of their previous videos for Daydreaming and Present Tense. He’s also worked with Greenwood on a number of film scores.

Greenwood recently described Radiohead as “arrangers” in the studio sessions for their latest album.

He said: “Thom will write half a song and we’ll develop it, then the big pressure is, ‘How do you put this song across and not ruin it?’

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“Part of the problem is, Thom will sit at the piano and play a song like Pyramid Song and we’re going to record it. How do we not make it worse? How do we make it better than him just playing it by himself, which is already usually quite great.

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“But there’s no individual interest in what we play on the record, it’s about servicing the song. It’s not really about, ‘Can I do my guitar part now? We’re arrangers, really.'”

Greenwood also previously said the band tried to use “very old and very new technology” on the latest record to fuel their creativity.

Radiohead will perform at Austin’s City Limits Music Festival in Texas tomorrow (October 7).

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