Secret Santa Leaves $2000 Tip On $17 Tab!

Secret Santa Leaves $2000 Tip On $17 Tab!
Secret Santa Leaves $2000 Tip On $17 Tab!
Secret Santa Leaves $2000 Tip On $17 Tab!
Secret Santa Leaves $2000 Tip On $17 Tab!

An Arizona “Secret Santa” left a waitress a $2,000 tip after enjoying a breakfast of eggs, toast and juice at a Scottsdale diner.

“We immediately brought it up to the manager that was on duty and she couldn’t believe it,” said Delia Meeks, a server at the diner. “We were all excited. It made the day of everyone who was working.”

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The staff have dubbed the generous tipster a “secret Santa” who came in to eat breakfast on Saturday morning. He enjoyed his meal for about an hour before leaving the massive tip and walking out.

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A note on the receipt asked that the money be split among the staff. That means that nine people are receiving a little more than $200 each.

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“If he hears this, come back so we can thank (you) in person,” Meeks said. “We are all very happy and excited about what he did.”

Meeks says she plans to use the money to buy more Christmas gifts.


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