South storm threat, Tornadoes and 70mph winds threaten millions

South storm threat, Tornadoes and 70mph winds threaten millions
South storm threat, Tornadoes and 70mph winds threaten millions

South storm threat, Tornadoes and 70mph winds threaten millions.

Around nine million people in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana will contend with heavy rain, flooding, damaging winds, hail, and terrifying twisters.

The National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center (SPC) warned the bad weather will begin on Friday, hitting the eastern half of the country.

“The beginning of a multi-hazard storm system will begin on Friday from the Upper Midwest to the Gulf Coast,” stated their disturbing prediction.

The news comes after a series of terrifying tornadoes and storms struck the southern states last month, killing four, injuring several, and destroying homes.

Winds of up to 70 mph (113 kph) may strike parts of Alabama on Saturday, with similar conditions are expected in Louisiana.

William Bunting, Acting Director and Chief of Forecast Operations at SPC, said the storms would kick off on Friday morning before increasing and continuing into Saturday.

“The thunderstorms will be capable of producing tornadoes, and straight-line winds of 70 m.p.h., and possibly higher,” Bunting told The Sun Online on Wednesday.

“Although it’s difficult to predict the severity of damage in advance, tornadoes, and winds of this magnitude will be capable of downing trees and power lines, and potentially causing structural damage to buildings in the path of the storm.”

Bunting said several areas were particularly at risk, including Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Jackson, Mississippi; Birmingham, Alabama; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

He said heavy rainfall is also expected with thunderstorms, highlighting a “risk for flash flooding will exist as the storms move east Friday and Saturday.”

Likewise, Louisiana forecasters said “all modes of severe weather appear to be in play with this system, including the threat of tornadoes … large hail and damaging winds.”

Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean confirmed the bad weather wasn’t over for the Deep South on Wednesday.

“There is significant weather coming later this week that will impact the eastern half of the country Friday and Saturday,” she warned.

Dean emphasized heavy rain, flooding, strong winds, hail, and tornadoes are expected “for a widespread area.”

“Stay aware of your local forecasts in the coming days and be prepared,” Dean said on Wednesday.

SPC said the supercell thunderstorms expected to sweep across parts of eastern Texas and into Louisiana are part of the “volatile weather pattern.”

The cold front moving eastwards also presents the likely possibility of heavy rains.

Due to earlier storms, streams already are at or near flooding point.

The threat will move east on Saturday with the potential bullseye for severe storms covering millions of residents.

People living in Mississippi, Alabama, eastern Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle will be in the eye of the storm.

Shockingly, the severe winter weather could travel as far north as the Ohio Valley.

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