Spanish Village: Anonymous donor leave cash envelopes

Spanish Village: Anonymous donor leave cash envelopes
Spanish Village: Anonymous donor leave cash envelopes

A REAL-life Robin Hood has been leaving cash envelopes for the residents of a small village in northern Spain.

Locals in Villarramiel, a three-hour drive north-west of Madrid, started receiving the generous gifts last week from a mystery donor.

Most of the envelopes – containing between £40 and £60 – have been dropped through letterboxes or slipped under doors.

One was even left in a bicycle basket while one family was given two of the packages banking around £85 (100 Euros).

The cash gifts started appeared last Wednesday and by this morning the number of recipients stood at 15.

The unmanned benefactor has been dubbed the Robin Hood of Villarramiel, a village of just over 900 inhabitants.


Those who have received the presents are said to be of all ages, both male and female and live in different parts of the village and its outskirts.

All the envelopes have been described as being reddish-brown while the bank notes inside them are genuine currency.

Nuria Simon, mayoress of Villarramiel, said: “I found out about it on Monday night and the news was starting to do the rounds properly yesterday.

In an interview with a Spanish radio station, she added: “Mostly they’ve had 50 euros in them but some have had 70 euros and one household received two envelopes.

“The people who are the most confused about all this are the recipients themselves who have no idea where the money is coming from.

“I know some people have taken the money to the bank and the bank has said the notes are not fake.

“The money is being left in different parts of the village and municipality.

“We’re not talking about someone leaving the envelopes in ten houses in the same street.”

She added: “They first started appearing last Wednesday and the last one has appeared today.

“We don’t know what the intention is behind all of this and at the moment people are a bit distrusting.”

“It’s a real mystery as to who is behind this.”


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