Steph McGovern’s surprising admission to Susanna Reid revealed, Report

Steph McGovern's surprising admission to Susanna Reid revealed, Report
Steph McGovern's surprising admission to Susanna Reid revealed, Report

Steph McGovern has revealed that she told a cheeky white lie in order to get her job on BBC Breakfast and producers only learned of the fib seconds before Steph was due on air.

The 38-year-old television star, who began presenting on BBC Breakfast in 2010, has recently opened up about the white lie that helped land her in the coveted role.

Speaking during the latest instalment of Steph’s Packed Lunch, the television star revealed that she had told producers she was experienced with live television, when in fact she wasn’t.

“I remember when I got the job of presenting Breakfast news, I’d been asked, “Have you ever done live TV before?” And I said yes… And I hadn’t,” Steph told Chris Kamara.

Steph then explained that the producers learned the truth about her experience seconds before she was actually due to appear on air.

She added: “You’ve got to blag it sometimes in life and I told them 10 seconds before we went to air.

At the time, Steph was chatting to Susanna Reid while the presenters prepared to go live from the studios.

“I’ve got a count in my ear now and it was a bit like this…

“Susanna Reid said “Good luck” and I said “Thanks”, ‘She said, “But you’ve done live TV before?” I said, “No I haven’t” and the director gasped in my ear,” Steph admitted.

Despite having not presented live TV, Steph’s debut went well and she went on to forge a successful career with the BBC.

Steph’s exciting career has seen the television star work on several channels and shows including the series Shop Well for Less and Made in Great Britain.

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