Super Bowl: Male cheerleaders make history (Photo)

Super Bowl: Male cheerleaders make history (Photo)
Super Bowl: Male cheerleaders make history (Photo)

Rams’ male cheerleaders make Super Bowl history, The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams players won’t be the only men on the field during Sunday’s big game. For the first time in the NFL’s 99-year history, there will be male cheerleaders — Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron — performing at the Super Bowl.

When the Rams advanced to 2019’s big game last week, Peron tweeted a celebratory photo of him and Jinnies.

The two Rams cheerleaders, along with Jesse Hernandez of the New Orleans Saints, already made history at the beginning of the season when they became the first male cheerleaders in the NFL. Though teams like the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens have had what are described as “stunt men” before — with the Ravens’ stunt men even performing at Super Bowl XLVII — Jinnies and Peron are the first to dance alongside their female teammates throughout the season and at the Super Bowl, USA Today reported.

The men were among the 300 people who auditioned for the Rams cheerleading squad last March.

“Especially the world of entertainment is in a place of being open and if you can do the job, why not,” Jinnies told CBS News.

Added Peron, “I was, like, if we’re going to be here we need to make a statement, not just stand in the shadows and get intimidated.”


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