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Britney Spears Announces Indefinite Hiatus, Report

Britney Spears is taking an "indefinite" work break and suspending her Las Vegas show to help out as her father recovers from a ruptured...

Canada Post worker chased down by wild turkey in Mississauga (Watch)

Some jobs are tough, and then other jobs are tough for unexpected reasons. Just ask this postal worker, whose daily routine appears to include running...

Harvard Profits From Photos Of Slaves (Reports)

Harvard University has "shamelessly" turned a profit from photos of two 19th-century slaves while ignoring requests to turn the photos over to the slaves'...

Calgary woman pushed says she’ll ‘never walk again’

The family of a woman who was seriously injured after she was pushed off an LRT platform into the path of an oncoming train...

Toronto vaccines removed, says Ontario’s health minister

A billboard campaign blitz by an anti-vaccine group in Toronto was cut short on Wednesday following outcry over its messages that questioned vaccine science...