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World Record 199-Mile-Long Lightning Bolt Lit Up Oklahoma

Researchers have detected a record-breaking lightning bolt that was 321.1 kilometers (199 mile long), roughly the distance between New York City and Washington D.C....

German killer nurse suspected of 84 more murders, police say

A German police investigation has found evidence that a former nurse murdered at least 86 people in his care. Niels Högel was initially jailed for...

Brain’s ‘physics engine’ can predict our future movements, new research

Researchers have identified the brain's "physics engine" that helps us predict how objects in the world will behave - one of the most important...

Mosul: Mass grave with remains of 1,000 civilians found

Authorities in Mosul have buried more than 1,000 bodies in a mass grave in a desert valley outside the city, most of them believed...

Eman Ahmed, former world’s heaviest woman dies in hospital aged 37

A 37-year-old once described as the ‘world’s fattest woman’ has died in hospital, officials have said. Eman Abdul Atti died as a result of heart...