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Taylor Swift donates $1million to Tennessee tornado relief fund, Report

Pop singer Taylor Swift made a $1 million donation Thursday to aid victims of the devastating tornadoes that killed 24 people in parts of...

LaMia Flight 2933: fuel suspected in crash?

LaMia Flight 2933 crash - No fuel at all has been found in the area around the wreckage of a plane that's crashed in...

Coronavirus USA Update: COVID-19 deaths surge past 2,000

According to date from Johns Hopkins University, over 2,000 people have now died of COVID-19 in the U.S. Over 10,000 people have now died...

Coronavirus USA Update: At least 1 dead on Coral Princess ship

The Coral Princess cruise ship will dock in Miami after 12 passengers tested positive and at least one person died, state officials confirmed. Miami-Dade Mayor...

‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Killed By Gold Miners

Brazilian prosecutors are investigating reports that gold prospectors may have killed members of a so-called uncontacted tribe in the Amazon. If the alleged killing is...