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Coronavirus USA Update: 1st inmate dies in federal prison of COVID-19

An inmate has died from COVID-19 at FCI Oakdale in Oakdale, Louisiana. This is the first known death inside the Bureau of Prisons. Patrick Jones, 49,...

Ajit Pai: FCC chairman says net neutrality was a mistake

Ajit Pai, THE new chairman of the FCC, doesn’t like the net neutrality rules enforced by the agency President Trump named him to lead. “The...

Time traveller ‘from 2030’ PASSES lie detector test (Watch)

Time Traveller From 2030 Clears Lie Detector Test After Hinting At Alien Invasion In Future. These are just a few of the mind-blowing revelations from...

Coronavirus USA Updates: Florida tops 30,000 cases, 1,000 deaths

There are now at least 30,174 confirmed cases and at least 1,012 deaths, Florida's Department of Health said Friday. The counties of Miami-Dade, Broward and...

Puppy or Ice cream? Taiwan restaurant serving up ice cream (Video)

Puppy or Ice cream? Forget about Cronuts, the interwebs has found its newest sweet spot. A restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, took two things people can't...