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Scientists Discover The Ocean’s Deepest Fish Yet

Researchers trying to name a strange deep-sea fish have taken inspiration from its bizarre physical traits and bone-crushing home environment. A team of researchers led...

World’s largest bee rediscovered in Indonesia (Watch)

We’ve been hearing for a while now that the honeybee population is in danger, and of the catastrophic effects that might bear, but today...

Saskia Post Dies at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital

American-born Australian actress Saskia Post has died due to complications from congenital heart disease at Melbourne's Alfred Hospital. She was 59. Post was best known...

Kristin Smart’s remains may be at the P at Cal Poly

The search for Kristin Smart’s remains on a hillside near the Cal Poly “P” is expected to last four days, San Luis Obispo County...

Latest: Ryanair’s German pilots to strike

Passengers travelling with Ryanair in Germany saw little disruption from a four-hour strike called by a pilots' union, with most flights leaving as scheduled,...