Towering ice wall emerges near Newfoundland town (Photo)

Towering ice wall emerges near Newfoundland town (Photo)
Towering ice wall emerges near Newfoundland town (Photo)

One resident of Port au Choix says it’s like a scene out of Game of Thrones.

Heavy ice pressure and prevailing winds have created a massive ice wall along the shore of the Northern Peninsula community.

Brendan Gould captured the phenomenon on camera and posted it to his Facebook page, immediately attracting a huge number of shares and likes.

Gould says the wall, which towers well above his over 6 foot frame, is intimidating.

He says he’s close to 7 feet tall and he has to look up to see the top of it. The wall, which started forming last week, is full of boulders of ice and is making a lot of creaking noise. His first thought was that it looked like the Ice Wall from Game of Thrones.

Coast Guard officials say while not overly common, ice walls have been known to form off the coast of Newfoundland in the past. A similar phenomenon was last seen in 2003.

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