Truck in Montreal collides with railway bridge

Truck in Montreal collides with railway bridge
Truck in Montreal collides with railway bridge

A truck driver suffered head injuries when he smashed into a train bridge on Notre Dame St.

The collision happened around 8:45 a.m. Wednesday as a truck ran into the bridge near Ste. Catherine St. East, knocking its cargo onto the street and breaking the truck’s flatbed trailer.

Two other cars ran into the back of the suddenly-stopped truck, although the occupants of those cars were not badly hurt. One woman was treated at the scene for shock, while the truck’s driver, a man about 30 years old, was taken to hospital to be treated for head injuries from hitting his windshield.

The truck was carrying what appears to be a small forklift on a flatbed, and the impact destroyed the small vehicle, ripping off its tires and apparently breaking the flatbed itself.

Police closed Notre Dame St. in both directions between Dickson St. and Pie IX Blvd. while the wreckage was cleaned up.

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