US election live updates: Final results in North Carolina not expected until next week

Election 2020 US Updates: Arizona governor defends state's election system
Election 2020 US Updates: Arizona governor defends state's election system

Final results from North Carolina are not expected to come in until next week, ABC News correspondent Janai Norman reported. Currently, Donald Trump is leading in the state with about 76,000 more votes than Biden with 117,000 absentee ballots outstanding.

“If you’re Joe Biden that’s not a whole lot to be excited about,” Norman said. “He did what he was expected to do in those heavily urban areas — Raleigh, Durham, here in Charlotte — but he wasn’t able to really run up this or the suburbs.”

“This isn’t even a case of seeing a slow trickle, and those numbers fluctuating, going up in the next few days,” she added. “They’ll remain pretty steady until the 12th [of November] at the earliest, 13th at the latest.”

– Michigan secretary of state rebuffs Trump claims of not enough transparency

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said that the Trump campaign’s claim there is not enough transparency in the ballot counting process “doesn’t really line up with the facts.”

“In our experience here in the state where we actually have bipartisan poll watchers, a number of other people, a lot of people with eyes on the process,” she said.

“We always knew we’d be here from when the polls closed as we went through that tabulation, there would be a lot of efforts to undermine people’s perceptions about the integrity of our process,” Benson added. “But we’ve always had a lot of faith in the truth underneath our work.”

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