US Election Results 2020 LIVE: Latest on results timeline from Pennsylvania

Election 2020 US Updates: Pennsylvania legislative session to end at midnight
Election 2020 US Updates: Pennsylvania legislative session to end at midnight

Pennsylvania’s three largest counties – which sent out the most absentee ballots to voters, will continue counting their mail-in ballots through the night, and into Wednesday.

Allegheny County has scanned and uploaded 151,022 mail and absentee ballots, less than half of the 340,000 mail-in ballots received as of this early this morning.

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In addition to finishing that process over the next few days, they will also have to process any ballots they receive between now and Friday.

While the in-person vote could be fully uploaded Wednesday, it’s likely that it will take several additional days for a full count of absentee mail-in ballots.

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Updates are continually made to their count online every 15 minutes or so.

Philadelphia is continuing to process absentee ballots received, in addition to those that will come in between Wednesday and Friday. They won’t have another update to their count until tomorrow morning, after 9 a.m. The city’s mail-in vote count is not currently reflected on the state’s website.

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Montgomery County, the state’s third largest county, will continue counting through the night, and is not expected to provide any additional updates this evening.


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