Vancouver Island, weapons seized: more than 100 firearms

Vancouver Island, weapons seized: more than 100 firearms
Vancouver Island, weapons seized: more than 100 firearms

RCMP on Vancouver Island have seized more than 100 firearms after executing a search warrant in Campbell River.

The warrant was executed after 55-year-old Tony Green allegedly pointed a loaded gun at an off-duty police officer in the Beaver Lodge Lands on Jan. 28, the Mounties said.

That night, police began what turned into a four-day search of Green’s property, in which they seized three full pick-up truckloads of guns, ammunition and prohibited devices.

Police said the search was temporarily delayed when explosive materials were found and a disposal unit was called to the scene.

“More than 100 guns, handguns, shotguns and assault-style rifles were seized. Many were prohibited firearms such as a WWII Bren machine gun with a tripod,” said an RCMP media release.

“Investigators also located what can be described as homemade silencers, zip guns, prohibited over capacity magazines and untraceable firearms.”

Police said none of the weapons found at Green’s residence were locked or stored properly, and some were loaded.

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