Warrant issued for Tyga’s arrest (Reports)

Warrant issued for Tyga's arrest (Reports)
Warrant issued for Tyga's arrest (Reports)

A bench warrant has been issued for Tyga’s arrest after he failed to attend a court hearing. The 29-year-old rapper had been served an order to appear in court in relation to the fact his company, Tyga Music, has not yet paid out a settlement to a fan who was badly injured at one of his concerts in 2015 but after he failed to attend the hearing, the judge issued a bench warrant and set bail at $250,000, TMZ reports.

A spokesperson for the ‘Taste’ hitmaker claimed Tyga missed the hearing due to a ‘’last-minute work obligation’’ and the warrant was only issued to ensure he will definitely be at the next court meeting. The representative said: ‘’Due to a last-minute work obligation Tyga was traveling and was forced to miss his debtor’s exam. The judge issued the bench warrant for the sole purpose of ensuring Tyga will sit for the next Debtor’s exam.’’

The matter stems from legal action taken by Shyanne Riekena in 2015, who won judgement against Tyga Music after a light stand came crashing down on her, leaving her with a four-inch gash on the top of her head. She was awarded around $235,000 in damages, but by 2017, the amount had risen to approximately $250,000.

Meanwhile, in January, Pretty Maw took legal action against Tyga, alleging the rapper used the lyrics from her song ‘17th’ in his 2018 smash hit ‘Swap Meet’ without proper clearance. She claimed in court documents that the pair had an agreement that Tyga would pay her a ‘’fixed monetary amount’’ and royalties from ‘Swap Meet’, which was released in 2018.

Pretty Maw, who appears at the end of Tyga’s ‘Swap Meet’, video – which has over seven million views on YouTube – also claims that the track ‘’heavily samples her work. The rapper, who has not been credited on Tyga’s song, is seeking an undisclosed payment from Tyga and is also asking for the discontinued distribution of ‘Swap Meet’.

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