Wild Boar eat from garbage bin near school (Watch)

Wild Boar eat from garbage bin near school (Watch)
Wild Boar eat from garbage bin near school (Watch)
Wild Boar eat from garbage bin near school (Watch)
Wild Boar eat from garbage bin near school (Watch)

An enormous wild boar dubbed “Pigzilla” was caught on camera rummaging through a trash bin near a primary school in Hong Kong, and the video is going viral.

The shocking clip, which was filmed by a parent while he was taking his kid to school in Hong Kong, has since gone viral with people unable to believe what they’re seeing.

The massive animal is stood on its back legs while tucking in to some rubbish to eat from the bins, while two (comparatively) little piglets watch on.

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 time since it was uploaded by Tu Dong, and comments have flooded the post, with some parents concerned by how near the big pig is to a school.

One wrote: “The wild pig is in front of the left school. I’m careful with Hyung-Hyung’s primary school, and I’ve got a wild boar.”

Another seemed to feel sorry for the not-so-little family, writing: “It’s so hungry, and the wild boar has the right to live and freedom. He is only hungry.”

In June last year, two men were left injured after a (much smaller) wild boar began rampaging through the city.

According to CNN, the boar was spotted in some bushes near a park, but gave officers and animal control workers the slip. Police officers were forced to use riot shields and nets to try and capture the boar safely, but despite best efforts, one cop and a 73-year-old cyclist were injured and taken into hospital.

The animal was eventually caught when officers piled on it and managed to put a rope around its neck to help guide into a van.

And, in 2016, a female boar weighing 50kg caused havoc when she wandered into Hong Kong International Airport. After a lengthy game of hide and seek, the boar was eventually caught by a number of officers using shields and conservation experts were called in to take care of the animal. Maybe she just needed a little break somewhere, guys, no need to get all riot-squad on her.

Alex Hofford, a conservationist, told the South China Morning Post that the animals were being forced into urban areas in search of food due to Hong Kong’s dwindling supplies of natural food and lack of biodiversity.

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