Wisconsin DHS launching COVID-19 vaccine registry, Report

Wisconsin DHS launching COVID-19 vaccine registry, Report
Wisconsin DHS launching COVID-19 vaccine registry, Report

In just a matter of weeks, Wisconsin residents will be able to start scheduling an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine online.

Beginning on March 1, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services will begin rolling out the software to health departments across the state with the hope of having all counties up and running by April 1. A few pilot areas will get the technology starting Feb. 22.

In order to sign up, you will need to be in one of the groups eligible at the time. For example, if the site were to launch today you would need to be a health care worker, firefighter, police officer or over the age of 65.

“This registry will be vital in our effort to get all Wisconsinites access to the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Governor Tony Evers. “It will make it easier for the public to get vaccinated, and assist vaccinators in tracking available supply. It is important to remember that the vaccine supply in Wisconsin is extremely limited and that most people will not be able to get appointments to be vaccinated right away.”

The service is in collaboration with Microsoft, and other states have already launched this service, but not without some technical difficulties.

Wisconsin officials said they’re prepared for any glitches though.

“One of the important things about any time you use an electronic system, is that you have a way to back up if you have to go to paper. If the system was down, we would, at our sites, go to backup paper resources and enter the data in the appropriate systems at a later time,” said Julie Willems Van Dijk, Wisconsin DHS Deputy Secretary.

You will be asked several questions to verify you are eligible for the vaccine. If you are not eligible, or there are no openings, you will be placed on a waiting list.

The new program will also send you a reminder about getting your second vaccine a couple weeks after the first dose.

If the person signing up doesn’t have internet, there will be call centers available to get signed up.

“We are thrilled to make the Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccination Registry available to local and tribal health departments,” said DHS interim-Secretary Karen Timberlake. “This registry will help make the process of getting vaccines easier for Wisconsin residents and will also help partners across the state who are administering vaccines.”

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