Woman’s boyfriend ‘cheats’ on her after she and pal set up honey-trap, Report

Woman's boyfriend 'cheats' on her after she and pal set up honey-trap, Report
Woman's boyfriend 'cheats' on her after she and pal set up honey-trap, Report

A woman has claimed her boyfriend ‘cheated’ within an hour of her teaming up with her best friend to tempt him to stray.

TikTok user Lottie Passco, from Bristol, told how she became suspicious of her partner after discovering he had a Tinder account while they were together.

Lottie shared screenshots of her boyfriend’s messages, revealing that his only reservations about speaking to her was the fact she was “ages away.”

Meg asks if she should continue to message her boyfriend, with Lottie responding: “I don’t want to be a mug again so I’d rather find out now than waste my time again.”

In a second video, Lottie explains how she had become suspicious of her boyfriend and decided to investigate.

She says: “The whole reason why we did this is because my boyfriend previously cheated on me and had a Tinder account for like a month or two over my birthday and everything.

“So my best friend Meg messaged him on a private Instagram pretending to be another girl

“Within an hour of talking to this ‘girl’ he had made a fake Snapchat account so they could talk without me knowing and was sending a lot of inappropriate things

“The only thing he said to stop them was the fact that he lived far away and not the fact that he was with me.

“I left him instantly and dropped his stuff around at his house, and he burst into tears and all of this and then I found out that he had a Tinder account the whole of our relationship, which was over a year.

“I’ve found someone new and I’m so happy.”

Viewers were quick to applaud Lottie for dumping her ex.

“Glad that you got out and that you are better” wrote one, with another agreeing, “I’m sorry this happened, some men are dogs.”

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