Woman’s life saved by lamp post (Video)

Woman's life saved by lamp post (Video)
Woman's life saved by lamp post (Video)
Woman's life saved by lamp post (Video)
Woman’s life saved by lamp post (Video)

Lamp post saves young woman’s life as car hurtles towards her.

The crash was caught on video by traffic cameras at the intersection in a city in central Poland.

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The video from multiple angles shows a white hatchback making a left turn and getting hit by a black sedan.

The black car then ricochets into the lamp post.

The woman, walking behind the post, falls down as she tries to scramble to safety, but gets right back up.

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The black car came right at her with only that lamp post to save her. Fortunately, the lamp post is enough to stop the car and she is able to walk away.

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No one involved in the collision was seriously injured.


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