Houston Metro bus involved in major accident (Watch)

Houston Metro bus involved in major accident (Watch)
Houston Metro bus involved in major accident (Watch)

At least 20 people have been injured in a Metro bus accident in downtown Houston. The accident happened near 2200 Runnels St., on June 1, 2016. According to ABC News, the accident involved the bus, a pickup truck and a street sign.

Roy Morrison was aboard Metro’s 137 bus just before 1:30 p.m..

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He said they were just north of Minute Maid Park and speeding up to get on the freeway, when a truck ran the stop sign at Chartres and Runnels. The bus and truck collided, the bus then hit an overhead sign, and the scene on the bus was chaos.

“Bodies all flying out their chairs. Glass was flying everywhere. A lot of people got cut. I just was very blessed to get a little scratch on my arm,” Morrison said.

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The Houston Fire Department’s Ruy Lozano said a total of 32 people were hurt, including the bus driver, and the driver of the truck, who had to be extracted from his vehicle.

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Twenty-eight people were taken to the hospital.

“One person was transported code two. Which is considered significantly critical. All others were priority three, which is more minor and precautionary,” Lozano said.

The Houston Police Department is now investigating exactly what caused that accident.


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