Albertsons Covid Vaccine Registration: How to Find Vaccine Appointments

Albertsons Covid Vaccine Registration: How to Find Vaccine Appointments
Albertsons Covid Vaccine Registration: How to Find Vaccine Appointments

We have been hearing about and reporting on the frustrations of trying to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Just this week, when the state opened up eligibility to those 65 years and older, it was a mad dash to get online and vie for a shot at a shot.

We likened it to signing up for the Race to Robie Creek where thousands try to get into a limited number of spots.

For example, the state of Idaho is now getting about 21,000 doses of the vaccine a week.

St. Luke’s had 1,500 of those doses available Monday morning. The appointments to were filled in just 8 minutes.

So, yeah…the supply has not kept up with demand.

And it’s not just St. Luke’s.

All the public health districts and major healthcare providers were jammed.

We heard all about the problems people were having with navigating the system just to sign up.
But we also heard the success stories.

Jackie and Phil texted and said…

“Sooooo, Brian. Did you know that Albertsons has a signup website? We have an appointment on Wednesday.”

Congratulations, Jackie and Phil!

Yes, even the private companies and pharmacies are trying to get people vaccinated.

Albertsons already gives out other vaccines, so why not the coronavirus version?

But just like everywhere else, they are beholden to government entities that provide those doses to the states and health districts.

And just like everywhere else, those appointments at Albertsons are filled about as fast as they become available.

Nikki Price is Albertsons Director of Pharmacy Operations for the Intermountain Division. “The availability at Albertsons currently is based on the allocation that we’re receiving from our local jurisdictions,” Price said.

“Are you guys having trouble keeping up with demand?” asked Brian Holmes.

“So there certainly is a high demand for the COVID vaccine,” Price said. “There is definitely a higher demand than there is supply currently.”

“Do you know how far out you guys are booked?” asked Brian.

“So, we only book appointments based on availability of our vaccine,” she replied. “So for example, if we got a thousand doses in, we’re going to make a thousand appointments.”

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