Coronavirus Updates: New red zone set up in Italy

Coronavirus USA Updates: New red zone set up in Italy
Coronavirus USA Updates: New red zone set up in Italy

A red zone has been established in a rural town near Naples, Italy, to stop a small outbreak.

Residents in Letino have been ordered to quarantine until May 20, according to a decree from the regional government of Campania.

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The small town of about 600 has seen 10 positive COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, in addition to three reported earlier this week, according to the local newspaper Il Mattino. All patients were asymptomatic.

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The decree states that residents cannot leave the municipal area, and all non-essential activities, including commercial and restaurant activity, will be prohibited.

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The temporary quarantine comes two days before the country’s next phase of lifting restrictions begins. Non-essential businesses, such as restaurants and hairdressers, will be allowed to reopen.


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