Gigantic hole appears on the surface of the SUN

Gigantic hole appears on the surface of the SUN
Gigantic hole appears on the surface of the SUN
Gigantic hole appears on the surface of the SUN
Gigantic hole appears on the surface of the SUN

A Gigantic hole has appeared on the surface of the sun, which could cause absolute havoc here on Earth.

Researchers and Scientists have recently encountered and ascertained as a massive hole on the surface of the Sun. First, it was predicted and forecasted that the same shouldn’t concern us at all. However, later it was ingrained by the scientists that it will probably unleash a gust of solar wind. If experts are to be believed, some areas in the US may face disrupting satellite communication problem. Also, it can be the reason of some redundant and superfluous auroras that would appear over Northern hemisphere in the coming weeks.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observing department has reached to this conclusion after analyzing the data in a detailed manner. The Sun’s magnetic field has actually been opened up and due to the very same reason; a gap has been created in the Corona (sun’s outer atmosphere). This is the same region from where the charged particles generally escape from the sun and reach earth resulting in solar wind. Keeping in view, the Space Weather Prediction Center has officially issued a geomagnetic storm watch till April 11.

Experts have stated that the gaseous material which is coming out from the abyss can engulf the earth for a few days. Though it has been confirmed that it won’t cause any sort of harms to the people residing on earth, yet researchers are becoming too conscious about the same.

Some space weather experts have quoted that this can have a direct impact on the power grid systems stationed on the earth. Also, it can interrupt satellite operations, as well as airplane operations. The amplified auroras can well be observed by the commoners in northern parts of US and Canada.

The eyelet has actually been identified at the same location on the sun from where the solar winds actually originate. For those who love to behold auroras could experience something they never have before and something that is not going to happen for the next 70 years at least. Also, the auroras would be observable at low altitudes.

There are chances of radio blackouts, interruption of satellite communication, as well as internet interruption due to the geomagnetic storm which is a situation when the solar material enters the earth surface. NASA hasn’t issued any warning till now for anything that can go wrong.

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