Green UFO spotted in UK on New Year’s eve (Watch)

Green UFO spotted in UK on New Year's eve (Watch)
Green UFO spotted in UK on New Year's eve (Watch)
Green UFO spotted in UK on New Year's eve (Watch)
Green UFO spotted in UK on New Year’s eve (Watch)

Green UFO seen flying over UK sky? People discussed the “UFO”, which was seen at around 5.30pm, after a Broughton Astley resident asked if anyone else had seen it.

Pam Camp wrote: “Did anyone else just see a bright green object fly across the sky super-fast? and I mean jet-fast with a red flame type stream behind it.”

There was speculation that it could be an alien UFO or perhaps fireworks.

However, the consensus became that it was a meteor.

Debbie Elson, of Lutterworth, spotted it with her husband.

She said: “We have observed meteor showers before but have never observed something quite like this.

“It was quite exceptional it was so low in the sky that as it disappeared over the horizon we joked with our neighbour about it it hitting the ground.”

The pair notified the UK Meteor Network of what they saw.

There were 322 reports of what it described as the “New Year’s Eve Fireball”.

Pam Lock, of Broughton Astley, also observed it and has described the spectacle.

She said: “It started like a white light from an aeroplane, then we thought shooting star.

“It just got bigger and came closer. It went from white to red and turned orange, where it produced its tail, which was green and blue.

“As it travelled it got larger and the centre of the meteor went from yellow to white then burnt out and disappeared.

“I don’t think we’ll ever witness something like this again.”

Professor Brian Cox, a TV presenter and space expert, asked about the shooting star on Facebook.

He said: “Quite a few people saying they saw a meteor over the North of England this evening – anyone else?

“Sounds like a bright one.”

The annual Quadrantid meteor shower began on December 22 and runs until January 17.

This led to speculation the sight could have been part of that.

Clarifying what the phenomenon was, UK Meteor network described the “flashing light” as a bright fireball.

It was reported up and down the east coast of England and Scotland.

On Twitter, IMO Meteor Org said: “Probably one of the last bright fireball of 2017, but what a fireball! More than 150 witnesses reported a very bright meteor observed around 17h 35min, and reports keep coming in!”

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  1. its called moon…… not green ufo…… its the second stage of the 3 supermoons…… i know it was new year and the alcahol was flowing and prob lsd aswell…… bet they had good new year….pmsl……

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