Hacktivist Group: NASA About To Announce Alien Life Evidence (Watch)

Hacktivist Group: NASA About To Announce Alien Life Evidence (Watch)
Hacktivist Group: NASA About To Announce Alien Life Evidence (Watch)
Hacktivist Group: NASA About To Announce Alien Life Evidence (Watch)
Hacktivist Group: NASA About To Announce Alien Life Evidence (Watch)

Hacktivist group Anonoymous claimed recent discoveries by NASA strongly suggest the existence of alien life.

The hacktivist group has released a video claiming the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US would be announcing the discovery of alien life.

The 12-minute-long advertisement-filled video was posted on an unofficial YouTube channel claiming to be affiliated with the worldwide group. As typical with Anonymous videos, there is one member in Guy Fawkes mask speaking directly to the camera in disguised robotic voice.

According to the speaker, a top NASA scientist made the announcement at the last meeting of the US Science, Space and Technology committee. Science Mission Directorate Professor Thomas Zurbuchen apparently said during the meeting that humans were “on the verge” of discovering alien life in the cosmos.

“Taking into account all of the different activities and missions that are specifically searching for evidence of alien life, we are on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented discoveries in history,” the professor allegedly said. Zurbuchen recently tweeted about the discovery of over 200 planets.

The speaker in the video also read an article responding to the mentioned Congressional hearing, predicting the imminent announcement of the discovery of extraterrestrial life. The person read two more articles aloud in the video, all of which appeared on the website Ancient Code between January and April, the Daily Mail confirms.

Last week, NASA’s Kepler space telescope team released a catalogue mission of planet candidates that introduced 219 new planet candidates, 10 of which are near-Earth size and orbiting in their star’s habitable zone. With the release of this catalogue, Kepler has now identified a total of 4,034 planet candidates, 2,335 of which have been verified as exoplanets, or planets outside the Earth’s solar system.

The discovery also raised questions on whether humans are alone in the universe. “This carefully measured catalogue is the foundation for directly answering one of astronomy’s most compelling questions – how many planets like our Earth are in the galaxy?” Susan Thomspon, Kepler research scientist and lead author of the catalogue study, said.

Although NASA appears to be excited with the planets’ discovery, it stopped short of confirming or denying if any life form is present in any of those planets. The Anonymous video did not mention when NASA was supposed to announce it as well. Without solid evidence, it appears the video was more wishful thinking on the part of the hacktivists.


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