Harry, Meghan Kiss as Married Couple (Watch)

Harry, Meghan Kiss as Married Couple (Watch)
Harry, Meghan Kiss as Married Couple (Watch)
Harry, Meghan Kiss as Married Couple (Watch)
Harry, Meghan Kiss as Married Couple (Watch)

Harry and Meghan’s first kiss as husband and wife.

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry shared a kiss in front of jubilant Windsor crowds after the Royal Wedding ceremony. Thousands of excited royal fans erupted into cheers as the loved-up bride and groom made the romantic embrace – which is sure to be one of defining images of their momentous wedding day.

The much-anticipated gesture is the first time Harry and the former US actress have kissed in public after the prince was snapped secretly stealing a smooch from his then-girlfriend at the closing ceremony of his Invictus Games.

The couple are known for their public displays of affection, and are often photographed holding hands, including on official visits.

When Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer married on July 29 1981, their kiss on Buckingham Palace balcony became one of the most enduring images in royal history and the first of its kind.

It was followed by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, and mirrored by Prince William who affectionately kissed his giggling wife, Kate, as thousands of well-wishers cheered beneath the famous balcony back in April 2011.

Die-hard royal fans have lined the streets of Windsor to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds as they embark on a carriage procession along a route through the streets of the royal town.

Beginning at 1pm, the route includes Castle Hill, High Street, Sheet Street, Kings Road, Albert Road, Long Walk and finally Windsor Castle.

A beaming Meghan sat beside her husband Prince Harry in the open Ascot Landeu carriage the couple had chosen before the wedding.

Meghan, who is now the Duchess of Sussex waved to crowds who have packed the streets waving flags and cheering as the couple’s horse-drawn carriage went past.

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