Hoverboard catches fire at Deerbrook Mall (Video)

Hoverboard catches fire at Deerbrook Mall (Video)
Hoverboard catches fire at Deerbrook Mall (Video)

A mall was evacuated after a hoverboard caught fire and exploded. That incident happened at a kiosk that was selling the boards inside the Deerbrook mall.

Bryson Menard, 13, used his Christmas money to buy a $400 dollar board from Xcel Toys and Boards on Dec. 26.

When he took it home it wasn’t working properly.

“That evening he was riding it and it seemed to be malfunctioning so we contacted the person we bought it from, he told us to bring it back,” Kristi Menard said.

They were supposed to pick it up today but then they saw the hoverboard fire on the news and decided they wanted their money back.

“I kind of panicked after we saw that,” Kristi Menard said.

Menard said she went inside the mall and the kiosk was shut down. She said the salesman won’t return her calls.

“They’re completely gone, can’t get in touch with them anymore,” she said

Deerbrook Mall said it has not yet decided whether it will continue to allow the hoverboards to be sold in the mall.

Sherri E. White

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