Lil Nas X Stans For Logic As “No Pressure” Rapper Thanks Him For “All The Love”, Report

Lil Nas X Stans For Logic As
Lil Nas X Stans For Logic As "No Pressure" Rapper Thanks Him For "All The Love", Report

Lil Nas X couldn’t help but call Logic a “beast” after streaming the rapper’s final project “No Pressure.”
Who knew that Lil Nas X was a Logic fan? Sir Robert Bryson Hall II has taken his final bow as a rap star with No Pressure as he prepares to slightly shift his career, and fans have stormed social media to converse about Logic’s career. The Grammy-nominated rapper has shared that he’ll be working on his new deal with Twitch while also focusing much of his time on his wife and infant son. Logic has also stated that he’ll never stop making music, but holding down a career as he has been isn’t what he wants to do anymore.

Of the fans who have taken to social media to share just how much Logic’s catalog has impacted them is viral-turned-award-winning star Lil Nas X. “Logic is a beast idc what nobody say,” the “Old Town Road” icon penned on Twitter. Logic was made aware of the tweet and appreciated the kind words. “Thanks for all the love brother. It really means a lot!!!”

Lil Nas X continued showing love to the rapper. “No man, thank you. before i made a dime off of music i was listening to YSIV and i felt so empowered,” he replied. “No pressure is a dope album too, dark place is my fav off of it. pls never forget how much u inspire others and i hope the next chapter of your life is even better than the last.” Check out their exchange below.

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