Lujiazui shows a rare natural phenomenon

Lujiazui shows a rare natural phenomenon
Lujiazui shows a rare natural phenomenon

A photo showing a rare natural phenomenon can be seen on the local meteorological bureau’s official account on Weibo on Monday.

Did you see a “mirage” in the sky this morning over the Lujiazui area of the Pudong New Area? According to the local meteorological bureau, your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you; this was a rare natural phenomenon.

A netizen shared a picture taken at 6am on the social media platform Weibo which shows the outline of three skyscrapers — Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower — reflected in the sky.

The poster called it a mirage but the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said on its official account on Weibo that it was not. The bureau explained that while the sun was near the horizon in the morning, the three buildings cast shadows on clouds or stable air masses.

Sometimes the shadows of clouds can also be seen in the sky based on the same principle.

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