Pensioner Found Dead Under Car in Leeds

Pensioner Found Dead Under Car in Leeds
Pensioner Found Dead Under Car in Leeds
Pensioner Found Dead Under Car in Leeds
Pensioner Found Dead Under Car in Leeds

Pensioner found dead under car by commuter in blizzard conditions as temperatures plunged to -6C.

Police have launched an investigation after a pensioner was found dead underneath her car in Leeds, West Yorkshire. A commuter came across the woman’s body on their way to work this morning as temperatures plunged well below zero.

No one knows how long the unnamed 75-year-old was lying on the ground for before she died, but authorities say there’s nothing suspicious about her death.

Despite that, police have issued a call for information for anyone who might have seen the woman early this morning and could shed light on what happened.

Leeds District CID Detective Inspector James Entwistle said: “We are currently carrying out enquiries into the circumstances but at this stage there is nothing to suggest her death is suspicious.

“We have established the woman’s identity and are in contact with her family.

“We would like to hear from anyone who saw her in the area at any time prior to her being found this morning. She may have appeared confused.”

Public Health England stressed before the ‘Beast from the East’ for people to regularly keep in contact with friends, family and neighbours to ensure they make it through one of the worst storms to hit the UK in decades.

A Red warning persists for day and tomorrow for south-east England as the storm is expected to ramp up this afternoon.

The Met Office says: “The snow will be accompanied by very strong easterly winds leading to severe drifting. Some places could also see significant ice build-up due to freezing rain from later on Thursday evening, most likely in the south of the area.

“Long delays and cancellations of public transport seem highly likely. Some roads are likely to become blocked by deep snow, stranding vehicles and passengers.

“Long interruptions to power supplies and other utilities are very likely to occur, along with damage to trees and other structures due to heavy snow or ice.”

Snow falls of up to 50 centimetres are forecast to hit Dartmoor, Exmoor and parts of southeast Wales.

Thankfully the storm is supposed to ease for the weekend, but keep in mind there are yellow warnings that apply for virtually everywhere in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. On Sunday that warning only applies to the eastern coast of Scotland – with everywhere else expected to finally have a bit of reprieve.

Storm Emma is due to hit the UK from the west next week, which could bring some pretty bad conditions as well.

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