Woman sends boyfriend to buy her leggings, Report

Woman sends boyfriend to buy her leggings, Report
Woman sends boyfriend to buy her leggings, Report
Woman sends boyfriend to buy her leggings, Report
Woman sends boyfriend to buy her leggings, Report

Woman sends boyfriend to buy her leggings – and his confusion wins the internet.

A bloke who was sent out to the shops to get his girlfriend a pair of leggings has won the internet over, after screenshots of the messages detailing his sheer confusion went viral.

That’s right, it’s a minefield out there in the leggings world, as poor ol’ Tim found out the hard way when girlfriend Taylor Anne asked him to pick up a pair while he was in town.

Sounds like a simple enough task, but not when you realise that the rails are stocked with plain ones, patterned ones, thin ones, thick ones, ones with zips, ones with studs, ones with holes cut out of them, extra long lengths, cropped lengths…

And while Tim was navigating his way through the legging maelstrom, Taylor Anne was at work and unable to respond to his desperate, baffled messages. The result? A lengthy diatribe about the many styles of women’s leggings.

Of course, it didn’t take long for people to pick up on the amusing screenshots, with many long-suffering other halves said they’d been sent on similar missions, while other people sided with Taylor saying that the struggle is very much real.

One wrote: “This is hilarious! It’s the same when I’m sending my husband for grocery shopping”.

Another said: “I asked my boyfriend to get me some knee length socks and was on the receiving end of a similar message thread”.

Another wrote: “As a husband occasionally sent on such errands I concur. It makes Tom Cruise’s work look like Mission: Meh”.

Speaking to LADbible, Taylor Anne confirmed that Tim managed to complete his quest.

“Honestly, I just asked for a pair of black leggings. He was in town anyway so I just asked him ‘Oh, can you pick me some up?’.

“I didn’t expect when I went on my break to see so many messages.

“He got me a nice pair of thick ones from H&M, so he actually did do a good job in the end. They’re definitely thicker than my usual ones, so I was quite impressed.”

If the tables turned, Taylor Anne said she’d have no issue picking out clothes for Tim.

“I always do. I buy him a lot of things to be fair – Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas. I’m a clothesy person and I’m quite good at buying him nice stuff.”

Taylor Anne also explained that it’s been a ‘bizarre day’, with their situation proving so relatable that both her phone and her Twitter app keep crashing.

“I just can’t believe how quickly it’s done it – yesterday, I think it was on about 300 likes when I got home in the evening, and then I woke up this morning and it was on 9,000. And now it’s on about 20,000 by the end of my shift.”

She added: “This is one to tell the kids when we have them in the future – Mum and Dad knew how to do social media.

“I’m just going to embrace it for the time being, and let people enjoy it – they get to see his funny side, while I get to see it every day.”

“He’s a good guy – I will definitely marry him, I can tell you that.”

Her boyfriend, Tim, has also since chipped in on Twitter to confirm that he made it through the wilderness, saying: “I made it out, but I’m not 100% convinced I’m not still in a coma.”

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