Petco Park flooded yesterday (Picture)

Petco Park flooded yesterday (Picture)
Petco Park flooded yesterday (Picture)
Petco Park flooded yesterday (Picture)
Petco Park flooded yesterday (Picture)

Petco Park is completely flooded and the photos are wild.

The field at Petco Park, the Padres’ home stadium, was flooded with water Monday when heavy rainstorms hit the San Diego area. The drainage system at the 13-year-old venue couldn’t handle the volume of water, and Petco Park turned into “Petco Pond.” This photo FOX-5 San Diego shared Monday on Twitter suggests ducks had hours of fun swimming in the outfield.

Thankfully, the Padres are in Arizona for spring training. There also was no grass on the field since groundskeepers had previously removed it for a recent monster-truck rally.

The drainage system eventually rid the field of water, and groundskeepers resumed laying turf.

The turf at Petco Park should be in pristine condition when the World Baseball Classic comes to town from March 14-19.

That is unless the ducks return to claim what was theirs for a moment in time.

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