Plane ‘runs over man’s foot’ at Gatwick Airport (Picture)

Plane 'runs over man's foot' at Gatwick Airport (Picture)
Plane 'runs over man's foot' at Gatwick Airport (Picture)
Plane 'runs over man's foot' at Gatwick Airport (Picture)
Plane ‘runs over man’s foot’ at Gatwick Airport (Picture)

Gatwick Airport ground crew member injured on runway after ‘Russia-bound plane ran over his foot’.

Passengers were stuck on-board the Russia-bound Rossiya aircraft for more than two hours as emergency services attended the scene.

Some tweeted their “unease” after being kept on board the plane without adequate information.

The aircraft was stopped moments before take-off and kept on the tarmac.

Twitter user Flora Lu claimed the plane ran over the foot of a ground crew member.

She said: “We have been told that our plane ran over a person on take-off from Gatwick to St Petersburg. They were trying to lift the plane.”

Ms Lu added that cabin crew told passengers that a person was trapped under the wheel.

A spokesman for Gatwick Airport told The Sun: “We can confirm that an incident took place on the airfield at 1710 where a Dnata employee was unfortunately injured and the emergency services were required to attend.”

Cabin crew are also said to have told passengers that they were now awaiting repairs to the aircraft.

The aircraft was pulled back as it headed to the runway for take-off, and was kept on the tarmac for more than two hours.

The Dnata employee was taken to helicopter by air ambulance and an investigation has been opened into the incident.

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