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This map will make you see the world completely differently, Report

How do you flatten a sphere? For centuries, mapmakers have agonized over how to accurately display our round planet on anything other than a globe. Now,...

Jerry Lewis returns to theaters with emotional ‘Max Rose’ (Trailer)

Jerry Lewis turned 90 in March. Many fans wished hard to see this legendary comedian and virtuoso filmmaker cut loose on screen one more...

Paltrow Comments On Hilarious Brad Pitt Meme And We’re Living, Report

Sometimes couples dress alike and in this case, Brad Pitt seems to be a big repeat offender. The handsome hunk, 55, has dated many...

Nike hit with gender discrimination lawsuit, Report

Nike hit with lawsuit from four women who allege gender discrimination. Four women who used to work for Nike have filed a federal lawsuit against...

Trump Hollywood Star Vandalised again (Photo)

Trump's Hollywood star vandalised with a pickaxe, man arrested after nearly destroying landmark. A man with a pickaxe has vandalised United States President Donald Trump's...