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Surrey Police help woman in distress in Canada on Christmas morning

In a triumph for transatlantic teamwork across police forces, Surrey Police managed to help a woman in distress nearly 5,000 miles away in Surrey,...

Juliet Evancho Wins Favorable Ruling In Transgender Rights Case

Juliet Evancho, the transgender sister of singer Jackie Evancho, is one of three students who will now be allowed to use the bathroom of...

UK heatwave return: What is the latest weather forecast?

Heatwave to return in FULL FORCE after last of wet weather STRIKES. Wednesday will witness glorious conditions across southern regions with temperatures rising into the...

Zombie Drug epidemic: SPICE addicts are flooding the streets of Britain

Britain in grip of zombie drug epidemic as spice addicts plague streets. The former legal high is available for just £5 a bag and puts...

Giant mushroom find makes Thanksgiving tastier for couple (Picture)

Giant mushroom find makes Thanksgiving tastier for couple (Picture). Olya Kutsiuruba and David Swab of Vancouver had just spent a day doing what they love...