Tennessee dog inherits $5 million after owner’s death, Report

Tennessee dog inherits $5 million after owner's death, Report
Tennessee dog inherits $5 million after owner's death, Report

An 8-year-old dog in Tennessee is now a millionaire after her owner named her in his will.

Martha Burton, 88, has taken care of Lulu the dog for years.

Burton kept Lulu for her friend Bill Dorris, Lulu’s owner.

He was always on the road and Dorris wanted Lulu well cared for while he was gone.

Late last year, Dorris passed away and in his will, he left Lulu enough money to pay for more kibble than any dog could possibly imagine.

“He loved that dog,” Burton said.

The will reads, “Five million dollars will be transferred to a trust to be formed upon my death for the care of my border collie, Lulu.”

The will specifies that the trust is to provide for all Lulu’s needs and that she is to stay with Burton.

The estate is currently in probate and it is not exactly clear how much it is worth, but friends of Dorris say he had vast real estate holdings and investments.

Burton says she doesn’t know anything about that, but does know that Lulu is happy and loved.

She says that she knows there is no way they could ever spend $5 million on Lulu, but she would “like to try.”

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