White Supremacist Kills African-American Teen With His Jeep

White Supremacist Kills African-American Teen With His Jeep
White Supremacist Kills African-American Teen With His Jeep

A white supremacist mowed down an African-American teenager with his car and smashed youth’s head into the window of a convenience store as his girlfriend cheered him on. Both have been indicted for murder.

Authorities in the US state of Oregon have launched an investigation to determine whether the death of an African-American teenager at the hands of an alleged white supremacist is a hate crime.

“That’s currently the subject of the ongoing active investigation,” Don Rees, the deputy district attorney for Multnomah County, told The Huffington Post on Friday.

On August 10, Russell Courtier, 38, mowed down 19-year-old Larnell Malik Bruce with his SUV vehicle outside a convenience store in Gresham, according to a prosecutor’s affidavit.

Bruce had reportedly been charging his phone outside the 7-Eleven store when Courtier, a member a white supremacist prison gang called European Kindred (EK), pulled up in his Jeep Wrangler.

The white supremacist engaged in a verbal dispute with the black teen for unknown reasons. The altercation led to a physical fight, during which Courtier smashed Bruce’s head into the store’s front window.

Bruce allegedly pulled out a knife to protect himself, causing Courtier and his female companion, Colleen Hunt, to retrieve into the vehicle.

Video footage captured from surveillance cameras then shows Bruce trying to run away from the scene and zigzagging to avoid the chasing Jeep.

“The video surveillance showed Mr. Bruce take evasive maneuvers on foot in an attempt to escape Mr. Courtier’s Jeep,” the affidavit said.

As Bruce tried to cross the street, the SUV is seen moving into oncoming lanes of traffic and hitting the teen head-on.

Police arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and found Bruce lying on the street with critical brain injuries. He was rushed to a hospital and died of his injuries four days later.

A grand jury indicted Courtier and Hunt for murder on August 18. However, they have not been charged with any hate crimes.

Christopher B. Taub

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  1. Do you have a fucking editor? Who writes that someone “retrieves” into a vehicle or is hit “head on” when he is running away? Try hiring someone with a fucking degree and if you have, sue the school that gave it to ’em.

  2. This White piece of human excrement does not deserve any mercy or sympathy what so ever from any one. He is an insult to White’s and a shame to humanity. There are no excuses or justifications for this cruel, Brutal, hate filled, blood thirsty, racist murder. My conscience is sickened to its core by even the thought of this coward’s actions. This crap must come to an end. This action was that of a satan driven piece of garbage.

    • Blacks go to jail everyday for killing white people and black people. It is common for a white person to get away with crime against a black person and for a black person to be accused and jailed for a crime they didn’t commit. I’m not saying it’s right either way but your statement is false.

    • Read a History Book. How Many Thousands of Black people were Murdered during Slavery at the Hands of White Men who are now Burning in Hell for all Eternity. God will Judge, America. How Many Indians were Murdered while You Whites Stole their Land? Better Yet read the United States Constitution. Read about Law and the Law Applies to All Human Beings. . How Many Blacks got away with Murder? Only One I know of, OJ Simpson. What Planet do You Live on, Read a Newspaper Sometimes.

  3. Seriously, there’s a question as to whether or not this is a hate crime? Dale Rhoades, your description of this ‘man’ is right on. Thug. I sincerely hope that he and his ‘gal’ spend the rest of their lives in prison, and that they are thrown into gen pop. What a cowardly vicious senseless, simply absolutely senseless crime.

  4. These types of criminal activities are all over, and as usual Americans show their true colors by shoveling what they don’t want to know under the carpet. now again another mama has lost her baby, a young man who had his whole life ahead of him, was killed by two pieces of trash. I was born in or.where this happened but I’ve lived in the south all of my life and I’ve learned it’s not just a southern thing.it’s time the world stands up for what’s right.stop letting the mainstream media tell us what they think we should know.

    • Well said Mam. There is only one RACE……The Human Race What the world
      needs now is LOVE Sweet Love. Repent evil doers, and turn from your EVIL
      Hell-Bound Ways, go and sin no more. For the “Time is At Hand”. It is
      easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man
      to inherit The Kingdom of God.” Read I Timothy 6:17-25 and Habakkuk 2:3
      Everyone, ALWAYS remember to…..TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE
      Each other
      Regardless of
      Social Class
      Talents or

  5. We can not send that thug to prison that is his home , For what he has done that calls for DEATH for him . All lives matter and no matter what color it was a life a young man , So people do the right thing give him the death as soon as possible. My color is red because I bleed red just like that poor young 19 year old kid . This person and the woman with him are what need to be wiped off the face of earth. That is America’s ISIS . YES MY COLOR IS WHITE .

  6. So how many Caucasian non Muslims need to commit terrorism before we had admit we have a terrorism plague in the State? It is also quite sad people claim BLM* is a terrorist organization while saying nothing among the Caucasian supremacy groups.

    Cops have engaged in even more egregious behavior and still remained cops so this idiot’s remorse will be staring with missing the obvious. He should have become a cop and been paid to “defend” himself.

  7. This is a sad statement of how humanity is doing with it self. This violence is simply uncalled for. This individual was charging his cell phone. No matter what may have been said between the two men..he did not deserve to die. He will not be brought back and any benefit to society that his talents could have been used to improve this earth is lost forever. I feel for his family. The guy who did this saw this man as black and he didn’t like him so he killed him. How tragically stupid and senseless is that.

  8. Wouldn’t you like to know the content of the initial altercation as well? I know we have on ill-tempered idiot on hand who ultimatly killed the Black guy, but there was a fight ahead of that that seems curious. Next, there was the Black producing a knife and threatening enough to make the 35 yer old retreat. It just seems like there is more to it than: “Man intentionaly drives over teen” And, exactly how is “hate crime” different than murder 2?

  9. I don’t care that he was a white supremacist. I don’t care that the victim was black. I don’t care if the charges include hate crime ( which is a B.S. charge to begin with. Brutal murders are never committed out of love.). All of that is unimportant and only stated to foster racial divide.

    Bottom line is this murderer and his girlfriend should receive the death penalty and it should be carried out expeditiously.

  10. He deserves as severe punishment as the law allows…just like anyone of any color deserves severe punishment for willful homocide..of anyone of any color. Murder is murder, assault is assault…it doesn’t matter what color the victims or perpetrators are…At least it shouldn’t matter…

  11. “White supremacist” yet when the arab mass murdering jewish supremacists take over america you dont dare mention them of the black supremacists shooting white cops and raping and setting white women on fire. It even sounds like a high chance the black (as usual) started a fight. Po little baby treyvonn and Little joey and their bags of fruity skittles.

    TO the fires of hell with these articles writers. Ive been through your guys BS and you are violent mass murdering terrorists who work in the media. To hell with media terrorists.

  12. BS!!Taub..the truth is we do not KNOW all the facts as you even say! If this WS did this he will go to jail where he belongs!!— but DON’T say that this hate group is the worse in the country, that is a lie! Black panthers have done despicable things as have all heard— we all know Isis which is here too & what they do! It is usually black on white crime we do not hear about in main stream media, but there is so much hate these days between races, religions, ethnic groups– you sound like what you are a biased racist- be a REAL journalist, not a biased big mouth!

  13. I have no words just white, hot rage at the two thugs who took this teen’s life. My prayers are with the victim’s family. Nothing I can say will address your grief and nor should it.

    Too bad they can’t experience the terror of the teen’s last moments themselves.
    If this is not a hate crime, what is it?

  14. Gee, I wonder how many of those blacks in Milwaukee target whites for beat-downs during the recent riots will be charged with hate crimes?? How many of those blacks and hispanics targeting Trump supporters will be charged for violating those white person’s civil rights??? How many club-weilding Black Panthers were charged for intimidating White voters???? Answer: Zero! With the huge imbalance of black versus white crime, can it be surprising that a white racist took revenge because of the anti-white policies of our government, and the complicit media which hides the truth and inverts reality?

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