Researchers discover glow-in-the-dark shark

Researchers discover glow-in-the-dark shark
Researchers discover glow-in-the-dark shark

A team of researchers discovered a strange new shark and named it after one of the most famous shark enthusiasts in the world.

Called the “Ninja Lanternshark” The shark was reportedly discovered by Vicky Vasquez, a Cal State graduate student.

The shark glows in the dark, and it’s jet black color keeps it camoflaged in the deep ocean.

In a nod to the author of Jaws, Peter Benchley, the scientific name of the shark is Etmopterus benchleyi

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Four children, aged 8 – 14 years old, reportedly named it the “ninja lanternshark”.

Vasquez and her professor Dr. David Elbert of the Pacific Shark Research Center at Cal State said it was the first lanternshark to ever be discovered off of the central Pacific Ocean near Central America.

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The shark was first collected in a 2010 research expedition and measures about one and a half feet long.

Elizabeth J. Bentley

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