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Hammond tax cut: Hammond accused of betraying the self-employed

Philip Hammond ‘betrays self-employed’ by scrapping tax cut. Philip Hammond has scrapped a planned £150-a-year tax cut for self-employed people, marking the latest government U-turn...

Delta school stabbing: cop who tackled knife-wielding man

A private elementary school in Delta is closed today, following the stabbing of an off-duty police officer and a woman yesterday. The suspect was quickly...

South Africa rhino poaching drops significantly, Report

South Africa has seen a decrease in the number of rhinos poached since the beginning of this year, thanks to enhanced anti-poaching efforts, authorities...

Loneliness peaks study: 76% had moderate-high loneliness

Loneliness is considered a growing public health threat in the United States. Former surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy has even described loneliness as an...

ADFS-27: Duo of titanic galaxies caught in extreme starbursting merger

A pair of exceptionally rare hyper-luminous star-forming galaxies have been discovered, representing an extreme galaxy merger. The two extremely bright and massive galaxies have been...