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How to wash your hands to prevent coronavirus (Details)

It’s this simple: If you wash your hands correctly, you’ll lower your chances of getting COVID-19. Motivated yet? You probably wash your hands before eating...

‘Wasteful’ Galaxies Launch Heavy Elements Into Deep Space, says new research

Galaxies “waste” large amounts of heavy elements generated by star formation by ejecting them up to a million light years away into their surrounding...

Charlie Sheen Accused Of Murder?

Charlie Sheen Accused Of Murder By Former Friend Lenny Dykstra. Former Mets and Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra has a lot of wild stories. There are...

Australian Submarine Mystery solved: What happened to HMAS EA1

Mystery solved: Australia's first submarine sunk in 1914 by open valve. Investigators have solved the 104-year-old mystery about what sank Australia's first submarine, sending 35...

Climate change: No German ice wine for You

The ice wine harvest has failed for the first time in Germany because of the unusually warm winter. Temperatures failed to drop to the -7C...